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UI Design for Web and App

With the world moving to cleaner energy consumption, Ford is gearing up for the shift to electric. Their new campaign 'GoElectric' aims to guide customers through this transition by informing them of the benefits of cleaner transport. We collaborated with the team at the premier experiential agency, Jack Morton, to execute the digital interactive element of this consumer-facing campaign.

The concept of electric vehicles won't be a foreign one to customers of Ford. The main objective for the GoElectric campaign was to educate customers on Ford's approach to ushering in this new phase of the brand. It was adamant that the experience was not only immersive but clear in its execution. With the overall physical experience in place, the digital interaction portion of the experience needed to be intuitive as well as informative in its format.

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This project had its limitations but we were still able to successfully create an intuitive user experience using existing brand assets. It was important that it still felt like Ford. To add that extra edge and improve engagement, we integrated the use of physical elements to the user interface.

The initial part of the experiential would see the invitee walk through a series of tablet and large format screen journeys informing them about new legislation and city-specific initiatives.

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With the introduction of an interactive touch-table experience, a series physical handheld pucks were to be manufactured in order to be used as a navigational tool. Our insights uncovered that users naturally use these pucks as a person would a computer mouse; so they would expect it to behave like one.

Where our screen real estate would be limited, together with the core UX team, we had to develop an experience that would see the physical puck used in a more simplistic manner. Rather than the user moving the puck all over the screen and 'clicking' on an element, would enable the user to navigate by rotating the puck through a short menu. This way, their journey through the content would be more focused.

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"The project was delivered exactly as we needed it and efficiently too. Fantastic energy, enthusiasm and professionalism"

George Benn
Operations Manager, Ford