Saudia Air

A new design direction for a new horizon

Brand Identity

Art Direction

Saudi Arabia as a nation is undergoing a transformation from the inside out. At the helm is a new generation of forward-thinking leaders who want to shed the infamous reputation of old and open itself to the world revealing its true beauty and progressive culture. Saudia Air is one of the country's key brands charged with the mandate of transporting the outside world into the new Saudi. As a part of a specially-formulated creative team led by Landor & Fitch, our role was to develop a visual identity route for the brand.

Assigned with the brand attributes of 'Generosity, Pride, Salam' we were mandated with the opportunity of creating a visual identity route that was geared towards introducing the outside world to the undiscovered beauty of Saudi Arabia. "Soulfully Saudi" was to be the tagline for the project and our intention was to inject a smooth level of soul into this design piece.

From a handcrafted logotype to using the unseen shapes of the Arabic script to form a soulful design language, the purpose was to create an identity that was modern but still respected the rich culture of Saudi Arabia.

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The goal of our visual language was to create a suite of assets denoting a rich culture that moves and inspires the audience. It not only had to be a memorable design piece that could be scaled smoothly but it was important to the client that it portrayed the country's rich values and heritage through warm, welcoming imagery and design elements.

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