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In 2013, we founded a digital iPad and iPhone app called TYD [The Young Director] - a fully-interactive business, fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine for aspiring and established entrepreneurs under-30. With a zero budget, together we powered through curating a bi-monthly publication from enlisting favours from high-esteemed photographic teams to writing the articles and publishing the app.

Over the 3+ plus years of publishing this dynamic magazine, the content, design and experience was always evolving. Every issue was a step-up from the last with regards to sleeker design, better-written content and engaging interaction design. The user experience was tweaked almost every issue to the point where the app became an intuitive experience with users grasping its navigational and interactive features.

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It was, indeed, a proud moment in our lives. A two-person team, publishing a beautifully-crafted, inspirational and challenging magazine from a tiny desk in their open-plan lounge of their one-bedroom box apartment - on a zero-budget!

The magazine reflected the lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur in their 20s. It was fun, sexy and high-energy and whilst proving to be a source of motivation for its readers and editors alike.

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To capture the imagination of our readers and clients alike, we used sublime photography to bring the magazine's stories to life. Under the phenomenal direction of Blessing, a talented team of photographers, hair, makeup and fashion stylists were able to flourish thus producing the most captivating imagery that still thrive in their timelessness.

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