Find Your POW

Helping people connect with a Place of Worship - anywhere they are.

UI Design

Component System


People the world over are seeking spiritual sustenance in a spiritually-declining world. Though other avenues exist for finding a place of worship, people are met with the looming pain point of inaccurate and out-of-date information. Find Your POW was created to ensure young people can find valuable and trustworthy information about a place of worship easily and quickly.

With Find Your POW being a budding start-up, no core design system or principles existed. So it was extremely exciting to be in the position to help create what this new web platform would look and feel like as it entered the world.

The approach that would be adopted here would be to gradually build the design system as the product itself matured. That way, key insights generated along the way could be implemented to further define the system's principles and guidelines.

So the first stages of building the 'POWer Design System' was to start with a solid component library. Created and configured in Figma and working in close collaboration with Find Your POW's CEO, Blessing Platinum-Williams (who also programmed and developed the entire platform from the ground up - on her own), work was able to commence designing the MVP.

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The web platform itself was designed to bring together the brand's warm and personable character with the navigational ease required for such a delicate mission - helping people find a place of worship. In close collaboration with the brand's CEO, Blessing Platinum-Williams (who also programmed and developed the entire platform from the ground up - on her own), a design system was curated to ensure that the iterative process from design to development was a smooth one.

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The brand strategy positions Find Your POW as the down-to-earth, protective and informative partner who a softly and cheerfully guides a POW Seeker through this integral stage of their spiritual journey. It's one of the primary reason why the Find Your POW holds its relationships with places of worship to a high regard ensuring the information presented to seekers are accurate and true.

After few months of MVP user tests and iteration sessions with both POW Seekers and POW Owners, the platform was finally ready to enter its Beta phase in October 2022 for the world to embrace!

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