Capturing the Spirit of Soho in Every Tap.

Design System Production

UI Design

In line with PizzaExpress's invigorated brand ethos, we had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in 'The Spirit of Soho.' Our challenge was to breathe life into their loyalty app, ensuring every interaction echoes the values and character that Peter Boizot championed in 1965. The result? A digital experience that doesn’t just reward loyalty but also resonates with the vibrant, distinct identity that is undeniably PizzaExpress.

As PizzaExpress embarked on a transformative journey, their existing app began to feel like a relic of a bygone era. Their brand had matured, outgrowing its current design language and a fresh digital interface was paramount to reflect this new dimension of growth. Our task was clear-cut yet intricate: reskin the previous app with the vibrant new brand identity. While our scope to revamp the user experience was limited, we ensured that every pixel painted captured 'The Spirit of Soho'. Dive into this journey of rejuvenation and witness how a brand can evolve while staying true to its roots.

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With the objective of rejuvenating the app's aesthetic, we embarked on an iterative design journey, exploring the full depth and breadth of the new brand identity. It quickly became apparent that achieving harmony among the fresh typography, colour palette, illustrative style and imagery was crucial. Through meticulous rounds of iteration, we struck a balance that not only added unparalleled value to the user experience but also seamlessly aligned with the forward-focused direction PizzaExpress aspires to. This harmonised design approach ensures that each element complements the other, culminating in a cohesive and vibrant digital experience.

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As PizzaExpress embarks on a fresh chapter, our introduction of a revitalised design language isn't merely a shift—it's an enduring homage to 'The Spirit of Soho'. This design dovetails slickly with the brand's new ethos, resonating with today's audiences while retaining the adaptability for tomorrow's. It's a careful curation of heritage and innovation, ensuring the brand's narrative is not just told but is felt, setting the stage for a future where the PizzaExpress identity continues to thrive and engage.

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