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Low-cost gym chain, Fitness4Less, offer great gym experiences at, of course, super-affordable membership fees. This project would offer the brand an opportunity to visualise a new identity aesthetic and the introduction of a members-only booking and training app that would aim to increase value for their members.

It can be suggested that with the low-cost service offering, everything else that identifies with the brand i.e. the logo, the website, written comms etc. will most likely run the risk of having the same 'cheap/value' perception. The issue with this is consumers will think just that - 'everything about this company is cheap so what they are offering may not be that good.'

In this current age where the health-conscious consumers have become more intentional with their self-care, pricing becomes secondary whilst a top-quality experience is top of their list. Fitness4Less will need to transform its brand identity to eradicate the 'cheap' perception. The new brand direction will primarily tell the story of the great fitness experiences on offer and then use the 'low-price' element to demonstrate phenomenal value.

(Below: Fitness4Less assets before redesigned and our visual strategy)

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The chain has built its current identity on offering 'fresh, fun and affordable gyms in the UK'. It has proven to be a solid foundation, after all, Fitness4Less have been in business for over a decade.

Our strategy would focus around repositioning the brand into an entity that would integrate itself into the lives of its members. Where their members need the extra motivation to achieve their goals, F4L would be that pillar of support. If both prospective members and existing members can accept the brand as a partner in their goal to achieve optimal wellbeing rather than just a facilitator of a physical space, a positive relationship can be forged for the long term.

To achieve this, our proposed communication plan had to lead with an aspirational tone of voice. We crafted the tagline: "Expect more." It would be a two-fold message; the first representing Fitness4Less offering more value to its members beyond the price tag of a bog-standard gym subscription. Secondly, it would also act as a conversation piece to communicate a message of tough love, pushing members to expect better from themselves and to dig deeper.

Building upon the current successes, our proposed new strategy, visual language and new tone of voice would put the member at the centre thus igniting their fitness aspirations by appealing to what matters to them the most - achieving optimal wellbeing.

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The new app would build on the pillars of becoming a member's partner in achieving optimal wellbeing. We were able to conduct research sessions with members to nail down essentially what they would need to feel supported. Coupled with product design best practices we were able to work with members to craft an experience that would empower users to go further in their journeys.

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