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The Employable Designer

Design, lead, and stand out: be the invaluable force behind every creative masterpiece.

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Dive into 'The Employable Designer' and master the nuances of design and professionalism. Learn portfolio presentation, impactful storytelling, workflow strategies, and how to stay continually inspired. Gain insights from real-world lessons and rise above in the design industry. Equip, innovate, and make your mark!‍
Who is this course for?

In the bustling world of creativity, everyone seeks a standout presence. Our courses guide you to pinpoint and amplify your distinct creative voice. Beyond teaching design, we help unlock your full potential.

This course caters to a spectrum of creatives. If you're a budding designer, we lay down essential skills, insider know-how, and a confident kick-off. For the experienced artists feeling stagnant, we offer a renewed perspective, revitalising techniques, and ways to refine their craft. Whether you're charting new waters or looking to reinvigorate your path, we’re with you every step of the way.

Your Syllabus

Here's a summary of everything you will be learning on this course.

Module 1: Prioritise Success: Delivering Client-focused Results

Module 2: Unleash Your Unique Brand: Embrace Individuality in Design

Module 3: It's WHO You Know: Navigating the Power of Networking

Module 4: Your Online Presence: Mastering the Holy Trinity of Designer Profiles

Module 5: Crafting Your Portfolio: The Art of First Impressions

Module 6: The Art of Storytelling: Narrating Your Design Journey

Module 7: Triumphant Triad: Design, Direct, Deliver!

Module 8: Continual Creativity: Staying Ahead in the Design Journey

Module 9: Navigating Design's Hidden Pathways: What I Wish I Had Known

Module 10: The Final Flourish: Taking the World by Storm

Every lesson in this course is meticulously crafted, ensuring learners emerge as influential voices in the ever-evolving design narrative.

Learn the Platinum-Williams Way

Our courses are tailored to adapt to your rhythm, balancing autonomous learning with interactive guidance.

Combining curated on-demand modules, personal mentorship sessions, and live interactions with seasoned design professionals, we provide the convenience of self-paced education wherever you are globally. As you conclude the course, you'll possess the distinct design acumen and self-assuredness to shine in your role and aspire to even greater creative heights.


Drawing from real-world experiences and shared design journeys, our course content resonates with the heart of every creative, be it a budding enthusiast or a seasoned professional. No highfalutin jargon here, just genuine insights that echo with your aspirations and challenges, making your learning experience feel like a conversation among peers.


In the vast realm of design and branding, it's easy to get lost in the weeds. Our approach? Clear, concise, and direct. We've distilled the essence of essential principles, ensuring every module and lesson is free of fluff and filled with actionable takeaways. Step in, and let's demystify the design world together.


Who said learning has to be a monologue? Our course embraces a dialogic spirit, fostering an environment where questions are as valued as answers. Dive into interactive sessions that feel more like dynamic discussions, ensuring not just retention but also real-time application.


At the heart of our course is a commitment to amplify your design prowess. Beyond mere knowledge acquisition, we focus on instilling confidence, ensuring every learner emerges as a more assured version of their creative self, ready to make a mark.


While design is our forte, we acknowledge the interconnectedness of the creative world. Our course intertwines principles of strategy, psychology, and business, ensuring you gain a 360-degree perspective, ready to tackle challenges from all angles.

Your Instructor
Michael Platinum-Williams
Designer, Entrepreneur & Mentor

A London native, Michael Platinum-Williams is renowned for his clean design aesthetic and for his adeptness in Brand Identity and UI Design. His self-driven journey in the design world over the past 13 years showcases a rich blend of entrepreneurial spirit and professional expertise. This has culminated in significant collaborations with diverse businesses, ranging from startups to global powerhouses like Ford, Martell, PizzaExpress, and Revlon Professional, to name a few. Michael’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in consumer and industry insights, ensuring that every creation is not only aesthetically appealing but also serves a meaningful purpose in a brand's narrative or campaign.

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The Employable Designer
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Dive into design with a seasoned guide at your side. Our Hands-on Mentoring sharpens your skills, streamlines processes, and helps you avoid common pitfalls. Rooted in our mentor's personal experiences, we provide enduring support for continuous growth throughout your design journey.